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Enterprise Software for Sporting Associations & Clubs

Grow, engage & inspire your sporting community.

Bond is the best platform to dramatically increase engagement by growing a real sense of community around your club by connecting members, players, participants, fans, management and anyone else that makes up the lifeblood of your club.

Grow, engage & inspire your sporting community

You need a platform to foster stronger relationships within your club, strengthen the community around your club to develop and grow not only your players, but give your members, staff, parents and guardians and everyone else that is passionate about the sport a way to get more involved and share the experience.

Bond is an enterprise Club management solution that will empower any sporting body, at both national and state levels, to best manage their membership, players, teams, staff, parents/guardians data, replacing the need for old-hat CRM systems. Bond manages on-boarding, renewals, product sales and full finance capabilities to streamline data management from a centralised source of truth database. This then gives your organisation proper business intelligence so you can review, plan and grow your club.

Bond Careers can be leveraged by coaches, players, umpires/referees to access tools to advance their role within the club or better themselves as a player. For example, if a player wants to know what drills they need to complete to advance themselves, what eating plans to follow or if someone wants to get accredited as an umpire or referee, they can complete the available modules to reach their goal.

Bond boasts an extensive suite of modules to help transform your club:

Advanced Membership Engagement Management

Business Process (Workflow) Automation

Case Management

Career Pathway Tools

– Advanced Interaction Management

E-commerce Management and Finance Integration (Xero)

iOS and Android App Management including a Digital Membership Identification Card

– app Push Notification Broadcasting

– Responsive Website and Content Management System

– Email Broadcasting

– SMS Broadcasting

– Business Intelligence Reporting – Tableau Reporting

– Intranet/Extranet Capabilities

– Advanced Asset and Resource Management

– Product Management – Online Sales Management

– Phone System Integration

– Bond API (Application Programming Interface)