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Family Day Care Australia (FDCA)

Getting the FDCAs membership management system right is no child's play, although we are pretty good with a crayon.

Family Day Care Australia promote, support and lead the child care and education sector, delivering quality outcomes for children; providing expert support, guidance and resources to their members.

AMS aligned themselves with Family Day Care Australia to launch two new websites and an integrated stakeholder management system.

Family Day Care essentially has two sides to their business, one focused on members looking for information on day care and day care educators, the other on research and advocacy, sector support and offering a range of business services.

FDCA leverage Bond to manage both websites, event micro-sites and an integration directly with their insurance product that are purchased as part of the membership.

There’s a powerful Find Childcare directory available from the Family Day Care site that enables users to locate day care and educational services near by. The user can then connect with these services directly via the website.

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