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Streamline your financial operations, provide flexible options for your members to access products and services. Enhance revenue generation by creating dynamic marketplaces.

Bond’s finance module is a robust set of tools designed to automate selling any product, membership, or event and supports an entire marketplace. Our seamless integration with market leaders in online payment ensures various payment processing options, including credit cards, direct debits, and offline methods.

Real-time integrations with all major finance packages mean Bond can reconcile payments both ways; real-time transactions and payments made offline are then reconciled back into Bond to give you accurate reporting from both systems.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to accounting; Bond will collaborate with your finance team to ensure products and services are mapped to your accounting to ensure a seamless result.

Explore our features:

  • Integration with leading finance packages: Connect with all finance packages via Bond API for streamlined operations.
  • Automated payment schedules: Set up automatic payments, renewals, and reminder schedules.
  • New Payments Platform (NPP): Benefit from instant transactions with the advancements of the NPP.

Manage your finances with confidence:

Our finance module significantly streamlines your financial operations. With features like automated payment schedules and compatibility with online payment leaders, Bond simplifies how you process payments.

Experience the power of instant transactions:

With NPP, you can process transactions instantly and receive funds into your specified accounts without delay.

Key features of our finance module include:

  • Invoice generation: Raise invoices directly against any product or payment option.
  • Rebate/credit application: Apply for rebates or credits easily.
  • Multiple payment options: Offer flexibility with multiple payment methods.
  • Product and inventory management: Manage your products and inventory efficiently, including low-stock notifications and orders.
  • Cancellations and refunds: Handle cancellations and refunds, including partial refunds.
  • Split payments: Distribute funds between departments, states, governing bodies or regions.
  • API support: Ensure smooth data exchange between Bond’s finance data and your finance package.
  • Digital wallet: Enable instant payments with a digital wallet.
  • Sales pipeline tracking and customer journey management: Keep track of your pipeline and manage customer journeys effectively.
  • Business intelligence reporting: Leverage data warehousing and Power BI reporting for insightful business intelligence.

With Bond’s finance module, you can confidently manage your finances, streamline your financial operations, and improve your sales and membership management. Experience a powerful and flexible solution tailored to your organisation’s needs.