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Software for Councils & Public Agencies

Better ways to service and inform.

There is more and more pressure on councils to be as accountable and transparent as possible. Ratepayers, other residents and advocacy groups demand it. Bond MRM not only collates and manages all manner of data, it enables users to be kept up-to-date and informed about everything of specific interest to them. The segmentation features allow for information to be distributed to specific audiences. Bond MRM is the perfect tool for managing extensive content via websites and microsites and enabling powerful workflows and payment systems related to all council tasks.

Bond also has a sophisticated asset management system. This is perfect for knowledge or resource hubs where a user needs to find a specific form or document from within your website. Using a search similar to the likes of Google, the user simply starts typing what they are looking for and will be served up any number of suggestions for what they are looking for.

In addition to soft-copy forms that are downloaded, leveraging the Bond process automation tools, forms can be completed easily online and stored against a user, department or office and then allocated to the appropriate person within the organisation.

For example, a person wishes to register a dog, instead of filling out a downloaded PDF, a form-wizard is created and then completed online allowing the user to fill out all the details about the new pet, upload documents such as microchipping information, and then make a payment for the application, all within the one process rather than the current manual processes that exist now.

Case Management is the perfect platform for council staff to manage any ongoing issue with one or many members of the public. This could take form of managing complaints, enquiries, any type of application process that is currently completed offline that could be better managed via a centralised database. This also gives management powerful insights using the business intelligence tool, Tableau.

Bond boasts an extensive suite of modules to help transform your Council or Public Agency:

Advanced Membership Engagement Management

Business Process (Workflow) Automation

Case Management

Career Pathway Tools

– Advanced Interaction Management

E-commerce Management and Finance Integration (Xero)

iOS and Android App Management including a Digital Membership Identification Card

– app Push Notification Broadcasting

– Responsive Website and Content Management System

– Email Broadcasting

– SMS Broadcasting

– Business Intelligence Reporting – Tableau Reporting

– Intranet/Extranet Capabilities

– Advanced Asset and Resource Management

– Product Management – Online Sales Management

– Phone System Integration

– Bond API (Application Programming Interface)