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Digital Membership & Identification Card

Still printing membership cards? Please. It’s 2021. Instantly prove who you are, currency of membership and any other credentials.

One Touch Event Registrations

Register for any CPD/event with one click. One. Click. No more convoluted forms or barriers in the way of taking registrations.

Digital Event Tickets

After registering for an event via the app, just bring along your phone which will display your digital ticket to gain entry.

App first - real time member-centric engagement

So, I bet you have a website and your members have to login to get to the content that makes up the value of their membership. Right? This means members have to go looking for the content. I bet most of them never do, it’s all too hard. Everyone is time poor, the expectation is that relevant content is pushed to the you. I only want to know about news, services, product and events that directly relate to me and my area/s of interest.

Websites, while they still have their place, are for consumer facing content for people looking for resources, search directories, read policies, access documentation and the like. Your website should be geared to providing this information quickly and easily for them to find what they are looking for, and information for prospective members so you can work on growing your membership.

Rather than your members having to dig to get to the value of their membership, it should be available via one click. Via your app, only content that relates directly to the member’s area of interest, geolocation and level of membership is accessible. They can enjoy instant updates on products, services and events via push notification,  no longer will your message get lost when sent via an old-hat email campaign which will most likely simply end up in a junk folder.

The app provides a superior way for your members to manage their membership, payments, CPD, discussion groups, access to member only content and they can do this at anytime without the constant barrier of having to login each time.

Digital Membership & Identification Card

Still printing membership cards? Please. It’s 2019. Your app will sport a digital membership/identification card that can instantly prove the currency of your membership. It can also show other credentials that you chose such as level of membership, a profile picture (should you need to really prove who you are!), renewal dates and what ever else you need to prove at the time.

One Touch Event Registrations & Digital Tickets

Your current process when running an event is to publish the event on your website, send out an email campaign then hope that your members have the time to then click through to your website, fill out the arduous and dreaded registration form. Let’s face it, no one likes this process.

How about you send a highly targeted push notification with a quick blurb about the event which you know will get directly in front of your key audience. One click from the notification will open the app where they can view event info and then register with one click. One. Click. No more convoluted forms. Need to collect money? All they need to do is fill out their payments details on a simple in-app step and they are done. How it should be.

Once registered, the last thing you want to do is print out a ticket. Printing a ticket? Again, it’s 2019… The event registered for will display as a digital ticket so you can simply show up on the day with your phone to gain access.

What else will the app give me?

  • One-time login – Bond app offers a quick, seamless login process,. A very simple process of receiving an SMS with a one-time code will get you into your app, and then you do not have to login every again
  • Targeted Push Notifications – Leveraging push notifications, get instant updates to your members regarding their area of interest, products, services or events that directly relate to them
  • Fully Tailored Content – when a member logs in, they only see the content that relates to the segments they belong to and their areas of interest
  • Full Membership Management – Instant access to invoices, purchases, CPD and all of your membership related data. Everything you need to manage your membership is done via your app
  • Discussion Groups – Forget your WhatsApp groups, use the in-built discussion group for you to encourage engagement across your community.

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