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Continued Professional Development (CPD)

Nearly all member-based organisations require Continued Professional Development (CPD) points to be accrued as part of maintaining a specific level of membership, accreditation or qualification.

Qualifications & Accreditations

Bond Career can be leveraged to empower your users the ability to reach a new qualification, or get accredited in your area of interest.

Career App

The Career Pathway tool is offered (as standard) via an 100% responsive website, but all modules, profile management, certificates can also be accessed via an app.

We’re all career focused, we have a yearning to learn, improve, explore and expand our knowledge to better ourselves and further our career.

You might just want to learn something new, you’re perhaps interested in a new field, improve your qualifications, get accredited, or might need to complete professional development activities to qualify for your membership. We also need to work with our peers and mentors, share resources, have discussions, all to ensure we never stop improving.

Bond Career is the newest addition to our stable of modules and is crucial to continue to grow, educate and develop anyone that makes up part of your organisation and community.

Careers offers an extremely user-friendly, intuitive and flexible tool for your members, stakeholders, or any member of your community, a better way to map out their career pathway by selecting key areas they wish to up-skill by simply completing any number of the modules you provide.

Rather than relying on third-party systems that often require an integration with sub-standard and antiquated LMS platforms, Bond Career is a directly integrated module within the Bond ecosystem. This means your business can leverage all the power of Bond without having to work with yet another third-party provider.

The Careers module has been specifically designed to ensure it offers the highest level of user experience and ease of use so your users can intuitively map out their Career Action Plans and easily complete the modules they require to reach their career goals, accreditation or qualification.

Career modules can be offered in a number of ways to members, stakeholders or the general community. This means that anyone that belongs to your association, club, business, government department or union, has the opportunity to access the tools they need to succeed.

Bond Career enables you to:

  • An independent platform at it’s own unique URL, or live at a sub-domain of your main website. eg:
  • Allows you to decide the price-point for members, non-members, stakeholders or consumer users
  • Access to the Career modules can consumer facing, can make up part of your community platform or maybe only accessible via a restricted access area from your website
  • Bond can offer you a Single Sign-On (SSO) via our API so it can map to your core CRM or membership system
  • Continued Professional Development (CPD) Management
  • Profile Management - User’s can manage their profile either directly via Bond Career, Bond Club or via the Bond app
  • Send and record correspondence
  • Multi-tiered permission structure to ensure only the people who should access data can
  • Leverage the Bond process automation module to create simple or complex processes to be followed
  • Maintain clear audit trail
  • Case-wide Business Intelligence via Tableau
  • OCR integration and text analytics for advanced searching
  • Access to modules via Bond App

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