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Grow, engage & inspire your sporting community

Bond Club is the platform to help build real communities to better engage and inspire your players, members, fans, stakeholders and club managers and help grow your club by connecting everyone involved.

Enterprise Club Management

Enterprise Club management software to manage all club stakeholder data as well as Finance, Comms, Events, Products & Business Intelligence.

Digital Player ID Card

Prove who you are, eligibility to play (red cards etc), umpire/referee credentials, medical information and other key player info directly via your app.

Club app & Website

Bond app provides you powerful mobile-first platforms (app & website) to engage and grow your community around your club with in-built group messaging, highly targeted news and events, player profiles.

Grow & Engage your Community

Share, connect, discuss, engage, inspire! Run events & competitions, manage and share your profile, share videos, connect with other members and discuss all things club!

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Why Bond Club?

You need a platform to foster stronger relationships within your club, strengthen the community around your club to develop and grow not only your players, but give your members, staff, parents and guardians and everyone else that is passionate about the sport a way to get more involved and share the experience.

Bond is an enterprise Club management solution that will empower any sporting body, at both national and state levels, to best manage their membership, players, teams, staff, parents/guardians data replacing the need for old-hat CRM systems. Bond manages on-boarding, renewals, product sales and full finance capabilities to streamline the flow of data into a centralised source of truth database to give your organisation proper business intelligence so you can plan and grow your club.


Through the use of business process automation tools, current manual processes are automated to collect data seamlessly from staff, players, umpires and referees, parents/guardians and the general public to free up your staff and volunteers to spend more time engaging your club community.

Bond Club offers powerful tools for any player, participant, fan, member or enthusiast to create their own profile to share photos, videos, resources and any other material to really get involved and share their passion. Fans can follow sporting stars and upcoming players, share comments, create discussion and share their journeys. Players can use their profile to get noticed by scouts!

Bond Chat allows people to connect with one another, engage new members and fans or simply an easy way to discuss pre or post game!


Business Process Automation

Manual processing is time consuming, automate your processes so your people can be enjoying watching the game, celebrating wins or enjoying the sociability of their time at the Club.

Player Profile

Every player within your club can create and manage their own profile. If you want to make it to the big league, get the interest of a scout by showing off your skills to the world.

Club, Team & Group Chat

Highly target your club comms through instant and direct messaging via your club app – create groups within your club such as your teams, parents, management, or your fans! Chat anytime via your app in private groups, or via the website.

Enterprise Club Management

  • Comprehensive Membership & Subscription Management - on board new memberships, parents/guardians, sponsors, advertisers and accept renewals for current ones
  • Advanced Player Management - Track comprehensive data about every player, their career, stats, bios, contact details, club details and serve this to the player via their Digital Player ID card.
  • Player data can be obtained via a state or national body and then your club can track it’s own set of data regarding each player. Players can seamlessly move from state to state, club to club and data at a national level will never be lost.
  • Advanced Interaction Management gives you powerful tools to track all conversations, meetings, phone-calls, emails you have had with a player, umpire, sponsor, parent or anyone else that is involved with your club.
  • Not only does your Bond manage your players and members, but also gives you advanced stakeholder management. Manage and track information on venues, ground managers, volunteers, referees/umpires, caterers, anyone that is involved with your club.
  • Get full business intelligence (reporting) on club engagement, finance, interactions, player statistics, in fact report on any of the data within your club database.
  • Use your club data to your advantage, plan training programs, events, programs and resource allocation based on the data you collect.
  • Highly target segments (groups) within your club data with campaigns that relate directly to their geo-location, sporting interest or volunteering capacity using push notifications, SMS or email campaigns.
  • Use your Club software as an intranet for all levels of management to have access to finance, reports, interactions and case related material.
  • Leverage the asset and resource manager to handle all of your documents, images, template files. Internally share these or share this resources externally to members, players or the general public.
  • Tribunal Management - leverage the in-built Case Management system to track and manage tribunal cases.

Digital Player ID Card

In many leagues, a challenge has always been that your players need to be tracked, they need to have ID on them at all times to prove their eligibility to play on the day. The Bond Digital ID Card gives your Club unprecedented control over tracking player data captured in your Club database but also enables players and participants an easy way to prove who they are as well as storing other important information.

  • – Digital Player Card available via the app is proof in the pudding that you are a certified club player
  • – Displays your head shot which is taken directly in via your phone in-app
  • – Displays your club, team, player number and other player identifiers
  • – Displays how long you have been with the club
  • – Displays if you have any red cards or other penalties held against you
  • – Displays if you are an eligible to play on the day (can show player bans, red cards etc)
  • – Displays if you are an eligible referee or umpire
  • – Displays if you have any specific medical conditions if you are injured (blood type, allergies etc)
  • – Displays if you qualified to help in an medical emergency
  • – Displays your team captain, coach and other key contact information

Player Profile

Every player within your club can create and manage their own profile. If you want to make it to the big league, get the interest of a scout by showing off your skills to get noticed!

  • – Create and manage your public profile, upload photos, videos, stats, keep a blog and have your own public URL so share your skills with the world!
  • – If you are following a player, you can store favourites, comment on a players profile*, share the profile or simply like their posts!
  • – Connect with other fans, players, start private chats
  • * includes moderation at both player and club level

Business Process Automation

The amount of manual processing that every Club has to do is time consuming and while many of these are completed by volunteers and staff members, Bond believes these people would much prefer to be enjoying watching the game, celebrating wins or enjoying the sociability and engaging others at the Club. Bond Process Automation empowers clubs to automate current manual processes and feed the data directly into your Club’s centralised database.

  • – Registration Forms
  • – Membership/Application Forms
  • – Penalty Forms
  • – Game Data Forms
  • – Reports
  • – Player Data
  • – Statistics
  • – Volunteer Forms
  • – Complaints
  • – Requests
  • – Any other current manual forms that are required to be filled out can be automated and stored in your Bond Club app

Club, Team & Group Chat

  • Highly target your club communications through instant and direct messaging via your club app (similar to WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger).
  • Create groups within your club such as your teams, parents, management, or your fans! Chat anytime via your app in private groups.
  • Send instant messages to everyone in your group which is sent as push notification to their mobile phones so that you know your group will definitely see the message.
  • Parents of younger teams can share updates, organise transport, lunch, or even an extra pair of forgotten footy boots!
  • Teams can chat pre/post game directly about their win on the day, or the coach can give advice on the upcoming day’s play.
  • Management can use the chat to update one another on board meetings, or chat to ground staff on the day.
  • Coaches can use the chat for updating runners or team staff on game day with a change in strategy.

Club Communication Management

Bond has a number of ways for you to communicate with the different people within your Club:

  • – Push Notification Broadcasts – anyone that has your app downloaded can receive push notifications with instant updates on game information, news and events. 
  • – SMS Broadcasts – To ensure you get a message to one, or all of your members and stakeholders, Bond has an SMS broadcasting service that club administrators can create SMS campaigns and send to any group within your Club database.
  • – SMS can also be used for membership/finance related messages such as renewal reminders, missed payments, failed transactions.
  • – Two step authentication is used for account security purposes (similar to the banks). If a phone is lost or a password needs to be reset, a code will be sent to user’s phone and then used to get back into the app or website to set a new password.
  • – Email broadcasts can also be used for newsletter and other related releases for people that do not have a phone or prefer not to receive push notifications.

Club app

To ensure the growth and success of your club, you need clever ways of keeping staff, members, players, parents and anyone involved in your club up to date with the latest in news and events. Bond app provides a powerful platform to engage and grow your community around your club.

  • – Highly targeted news and events based on your position or relationship with the club. Get updates on news and events that relate to your team, or position at the club.
  • – Instant updates via push notification directly to your mobile so you never have to worry about missing an email 
  • – Group chat at any level within your club – 
  • – Instant access to your club fixtures and ladders
  • – Share your social channels easily by enabling any of your photos, events, videos or any of your content to instantly be shared across your social channels.

Build your Community

Parents, fans, or anyone that is a club enthusiast can download your club app so they can:

  • – Follow and keep track of their favourite or up and coming players by following their profiles
  • – View stats, ladders and scores provided by the club
  • – Create your own club fan page, take photos and videos and add them to your page and share them with other fans
  • – Parents can take photos or videos of the winning goal and post it to the club’s page to share the victory!
  • – View and contribute to the club forums via the app or website including closed groups
  • – Send direct messages to any member (includes privacy settings)

What else does Bond Club offer?

  • Recording Player & Game Data - At the end of each game, umpires/referees have to push result data to your club and league database via Bond app
  • Finance Management - Manage your membership products, merchandise, sponsorship packages game day tickets, anything you wish to take money for!
  • Use Bond API to connect to your state or National Database - Your club might wish to manage it’s own membership data, but some of that data may need to shared up/down the line to state or national league databases.
  • Tribunal Management - Bond Case is directly integrated into Bond Club and is perfect for managing your tribunal cases.
  • Club Website Management - Create and manage your own club page.
  • Events - Run events within your club, a sausage sizzle, fundraisers, memorial events or your end of year bash!
  • Classifieds / Positions Vacant - Looking for a role in a new club, or looking for a role at your club to be filled? Use the classified tools to put up details about the position!
  • Business Directory - Sponsors, Businesses and Advertisers can (pay for and) submit their businesses to be featured within your club site and or app.
  • Sponsorship Management - Your sponsors are important. You can use your sponsorship module to give them the thanks they deserve featuring their brand throughout your club website and app.
  • Advertising Management - Sell advertising packages to companies wishing to increase their reach to your Club Community.
  • Career Pathway Tools - Clubs can now offer pathway tools to best educate potential star players, referees, umpires, coaches and team management.
  • Competitions - Want to run a competition for the best mark, , best goal or best dressed at the finals ay party? Run competitions and awards prizes directly via your app and website!
  • Auctions - Create auction lots and items and run live auctions directly via your club website.

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