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Automated Payment Processes

Automate payments for your joins, renewals, insurance and subscription payments.

Secure Payments

Take money via our secure payment gateway with 100% PCI compliance.

Multiple Payment Options

Accept money via real-time credit card, direct debit, PayPal and offline/on invoice.

Better manage your finance and take money more easily

Bond significantly streamlines your finance operations and will integrate with virtually all finance packages via Bond API.

Put simply, you need to take money. Bond Commerce is a powerful platform for you to automate the sale of any product, membership, event, any product you wish to take money for.

Working with market leaders in the online payment space, Bond Commerce can facilitate any number of ways you wish to process payments leveraging credit card, direct debits and offline methods.

With the advancements of the New Payments Platform (NPP), process transactions and instantly receive the funds.



Bond Commerce offers you:

  • invoices raised directly against any product or payment option
  • automated payment schedules, renewals and reminders
  • facility to apply rebates/credits
  • multiple payment options; credit cards, direct debits and offline
  • comprehensive product management
  • ability to handle refunds, including partial refunds
  • split payments ideal for distributing funds between different departments, states or regions
  • open API to talk to your finance package Xero, MYOB and the like.

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