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Maximum Member Engagement

Intuitive software that helps member-based organisations dramatically increase their membership engagement.

Better Communication

Provide instant, targeted and personalised communications to your member base at the click of a button with app and SMS messaging.

One Access Point

Consolidate all of your systems into the one place and manage your entire organisation from a single location.

Goodbye CRM. Hello MCRM.

When looking for a membership platform, most look to a Customer Relationship Management system first. CRM’s are designed specifically to drive sales and generally don’t have any member-facing capabilities, let alone an integrated website and app!

Bond is a purpose-built membership engagement platform with all the tools to better communicate with your members and stakeholders, manage payments, events, content and resources, directories, every aspect of your member-based organisation.

  • A beautifully designed 100% responsive website for your organisation
  • Full self-service member portal available online and via app
  • Member & Stakeholder Collaboration , build a sense of community around your organisation
  • Events & Digital Ticket integration to manage your events, pricing, invoicing, promotion and registrations
  • Advanced User Profiling enables content and resources to be highly tailored specific to your members' area of interest via both website and app
  • Leverage Bond's in-built Document and Asset Management system to best store and distribute your documents & resources
  • Use the Product Manager to create and sell any type of product or service you offer and take money instantly online or via invoice
  • iOS and Android app including a digital membership card – SMS & app push notification integration
  • Finance Management – PCI compliant secure payments & integration with Xero
  • Accreditation & CPD Management – Use Bond Career to grow, educate and advance your members & stakeholders
  • Case Management – manage staff, members, resources & documentation, anything that relates to your case or campaign
  • Enterprise Data Security - all data stored on-shore with a global leader in Cyber Security
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Reporting - direct integration with Tableau including data-warehousing
  • Business Process Automation – streamline your processes leveraging the Bond workflow collaboration system

Bond App – Digital Membership Card & full service Member-Centric Portal

One-touch login for members to access all member-centric material via either an Android or iOS app. What you’ll get:

Digital Membership & Identification Card – Still printing membership cards? Please. It’s 2019. Instantly prove who you are, currency of membership and other credentials.

One Touch Event Registrations – Register for any event with one click. One. Click. No more convoluted forms or barriers in the way of taking registrations.

Digital Event Tickets – After registering for an event via the app, just bring along your phone which will display your digital ticket to gain entry.

One-time login – Bond app offers a quick, seamless login process and once you’ve logged in, you’re in. No more annoying forgotten passwords, just instant access to your member benefits.

Full Membership Management – Instant access to invoices, purchases, CPD and all of your membership related data.

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Full Finance Capabilities

Bond significantly streamlines your finance operations by Automating the sale of any product, membership, event, insurance or subscriptions and take secure payments by any method. What you’ll get:

Automated payment process for your joins, renewals, insurance and subscription payments.

Integration with Xero.

Take secure payments via our secure payment gateway with 100% PCI compliance.

Accept money via real-time credit card, direct debit and offline/on invoice.

Easy integration with almost any finance package via Bond API.

Business Process Automation – Advanced Workflow Management

Our Workflow Collaboration Manager allows you to digitise your current offline processes, as well as get fast insights from workflow dashboards which allow you to view, track, action and measure workflow tasks. What you’ll get:

Create workflows to manage any kind of process either member-facing or internal to your organisation.

Use a Visual Composer to map out the flow of data.

Use workflow steps to trigger other workflows, take payments, enable the user to upload documents/assets, records interactions, send push/SMS/email campaigns.

Generate reports via Tableau on any data collected and managed via the workflow.

Use workflows to automate any process that is currently offline and ensure all data is captured in the one location and stored against the contacts in your MRM.

Bond is far more than a software package, it's an ecosystem that introduces a whole new level of interconnectivity to better build your community.

Talk to us about how we can help your organisation thrive.

  • Highly targeted communication via an app, SMS and email
  • Higher response rates through advanced user profiling and direct messaging
  • Highly targeted campaigns using advanced segmentation for SIG, geo-location, membership product, any other values you decide
  • Minimal training required
  • Manage your entire organisation from your mobile, tablet or desktop
  • Sophisticated Career Pathway tools
  • Community engagement module
  • True membership self-service
  • 100% Australian made and owned for Australasian associations
  • Comprehensive local ongoing support.
  • Data Insights & Reporting with a direct integration with class-leading Business Intelligence tool, Tableau

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