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Bond’s finance module is designed to automate selling any product, membership, or event and supports an entire marketplace.

The module integrates seamlessly with online payment leaders, offering various payment processing options, including credit cards, direct debits, and offline methods. Bond reconciles payments in real-time, ensuring accurate reporting from both online and offline systems.

Key features of the finance module include automated invoice generation, rebate/credit application, multiple payment options, product and inventory management, cancellations and refunds handling, split payments, API support, digital wallet, sales pipeline tracking, customer journey management, and business intelligence reporting.

Bond collaborates with your finance team to ensure products and services are mapped to your accounting for a seamless result. It also offers automated payment schedules and instant transactions via the New Payments Platform (NPP).

Our MCRM is perfectly equipped to handle the complexities of member-centric organisations.

A member’s journey within an organisation is intricate, Bond offers a solution that transcends the limitations of traditional CRM systems and offers a new level of Member and Contact management.

Bond Software, as a hybrid platform, excels in efficiently managing contacts and organisations’ data at its core. It offers a comprehensive view of a member’s journey within the organisation. It captures numerous touchpoints, from participating in discussion groups and attending events to undertaking professional development and product purchases.

Bond’s MX ecosystem presents a superior, secure solution for data management, serving as a single source of truth. This integrated platform ensures all member interactions are captured and managed effectively, offering a holistic view of each member’s engagement with the organisation.