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Bond MCRM’s Marketplace is more than a directory; it’s a community-building platform that connects your organisation and members with vetted service providers.

It supports independent contractors and local businesses, creating a network of services tailored to members’ needs. The marketplace prioritises security, featuring providers who have passed stringent quality and security checks. This allows members to make informed choices based on comprehensive provider profiles. A customised vetting process ensures all providers are reliable and appropriate for your community’s interests.

The platform offers features like B2B and B2M transactions, membership discounts, shared procurement, geolocation filters, flexible search options, authenticated reviews, and various billing options. Providers can be contractors, businesses, or members advertising their services. Bond offers a procurement module for complex purchasing needs, allowing multiple members to review, assess, and document decisions transparently. Bond MCRM’s Marketplace allows members to find trustworthy providers within a community-focused platform.

Bond Software recognises that micro-credentials and accreditations are pivotal in shaping the future of higher education.

Bond offers a seamless accreditation experience through its Bond Careers and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) module to support this. The module offers user-friendly tools for members and stakeholders, fostering continuous growth, education, and development. It empowers members to chart their career progression and integrates with leading Learning Management Systems (LMS), providing a fully integrated solution within the Bond ecosystem.

The Bond CPD module is designed for high-level user experience and accessibility. It allows members to map their Career Action Plans and complete necessary modules for career goals, accreditation, or qualifications. With features like custom pricing management, permission-based access, Single Sign-On functionality, instant certification, profile management, secure correspondence, multi-tiered permissions, process automation, and clear audit trails, Bond Career provides an all-in-one solution for educational and professional development needs.

Bond’s event management module is a holistic system integrating our leading partner technologies and our own to streamline event organisation.

It handles everything from pricing, invoicing, and promotion to registrations. The module is designed to manage all community event-related activities, whether a small gathering or a large conference. Key features include single-click event registration, digital check-ins, live streaming capabilities, multilingual content translation, timetable scheduling, speaker management, and complex ticket pricing management.

The system offers automated marketing tools, feedback collection, in-event purchase management, and point-of-sale integration. With Bond’s integrated event management system, organising events becomes a seamless, hassle-free experience. These advanced features enable clients to create memorable events, engage their communities effectively, and elevate their event management strategies.