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February 10, 2024, Melbourne, Australia. Today marks a pivotal moment for professional development and e-learning in Australia as Bond Software Group, a leading membership CRM and member experience platform, announces a strategic partnership with PointsBuild.

This collaboration will revolutionise the learning management systems and micro-credentialing landscape nationwide.

Bond is now joining forces with PointsBuild, Australia’s foremost provider of continuing professional development (CPD) training and e-learning content, as a fierce advocate for Australian-based products and an innovator in aligning with best-in-class offerings. The synergy between Bond’s expertise in membership services and PointsBuild’s educational expertise promises to bring clients a robust, integrated solution for their e-learning and professional development needs.

“The partnership with PointsBuild represents a monumental step for Bond in enhancing value and opportunity for our members. We’re incredibly excited about the synergy between our membership platform and PointsBuild’s expertise in CPD. Together, we are setting a new standard for professional growth and accessible education in the industry. This is more than a partnership; it’s a promise to our community for continued innovation and support,” stated Dave Hickling, Co-Founder of Bond Software Group.

The Partnership

Through this partnership, Bond and PointsBuild seek to leverage their strengths to offer an unparalleled experience to professionals across various industries. This union signifies a commitment to Australian innovation and a leap forward in providing accessible, sophisticated education solutions that meet the growing demands of today’s workforce.

Key Benefits:

  • Integrated Learning Environment: Clients will benefit from a seamless integration of CRM and e-learning platforms, enabling them to manage memberships and professional development within a single, sophisticated system.
  • Enhanced Member Experience: The partnership combines Bond’s membership management and PointsBuild’s quality educational content, resulting in a superior learning journey for members.
  • Sophisticated Content Delivery: PointsBuild’s reputation for excellence in content creation will enrich the educational offerings available to Bond’s clientele, ensuring members can access top-tier professional development resources.

Commitment to Excellence

A visit to PointsBuild’s website reveals their dedication to being at the pinnacle of learning management and content creation. Their meticulously crafted e-learning modules, commitment to relevant and up-to-date content, and understanding of professionals’ needs place them as the industry leader in Australia.

Integrating Bond’s platform with PointsBuild’s expansive learning management system presents a compelling proposition—combining technological expertise with educational excellence. The result is a powerful tool tailored to elevate professionals’ skills and enhance their career trajectories.

The collaboration between Bond and PointsBuild is poised to redefine the professional development arena. Both companies are excited about the potential impact of their partnership on current and future clients, offering a sophisticated and truly integrated solution to one’s learning and development aspirations.

For further information, please contact:

Dave Hickling – co-founder, 1300 958 410

Michael Tomlinson – Managing Director, 1300 892 829

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