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The vitality of your association lies in your members, operations, and financial health. Bond broadens your association's reach with individual and corporate memberships, fosters B2B and B2M engagement, monetises with marketplaces, provides education + up-skilling, and so much more.

Empowering the lifeblood of your association means enhancing the most critical elements that keep your organisation thriving. With Bond, this empowerment takes several forms.

Firstly, Bond will strengthen what makes up the lifeblood of your association – your members. It offers tools for continuous professional development and career planning, allowing members to grow and thrive within the association. The platform also fosters networking and collaboration, enabling members to form new connections, join special interest groups and be emersed in everything that makes them tick. This not only enriches the members’ experience but also strengthens the community, and the communities within your communities.

Secondly, Bond supercharges your association’s operational efficiency. From sophisticated resource and asset management to process automation, Bond provides all the tools necessary to streamline workflows and reduce administrative burdens. This allows your team to focus more on strategic initiatives and less on routine tasks.

In addition to fortifying your association’s financial health through its Corporate Membership solution, Bond offers an array of other features designed to maximise your association’s potential and profitability by offering services that may not be confined to just your members.

Bond is of course not limited to corporate memberships, the facility to manage individual memberships and any type of subscription service gives our clients the ultimate flexibility to maximise reach to different membership types, broadening your impact and influence.

B2B + B2M Marketplaces

Recognising the value of B2B and B2M marketplaces, Bond has integrated features that enable your association to engage and interact with businesses and members alike. This opens up opportunities for collaboration, partnership, and mutual growth.

Moreover, Bond can serve as a centralised point for job boards, classifieds, and other listing types. This makes your association a one-stop hub for your members, providing them with valuable resources, opportunities, and services in one convenient location.

Additionally, Bond understands the importance of providing valuable resources at a competitive price point. That’s why it offers a platform where you can monetise your resources, materials, and intellectual property. By offering these assets for purchase or subscription, you can generate additional revenue while providing your members with high-value content.

With Bond, your association doesn’t just survive; it thrives. By offering a robust suite of features that cater to various needs, Bond ensures your association remains financially strong, member-focused, and ready for future growth.