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We are the digital platform for your community to protect the overall interests and welfare of members, enable strategic policy improvements, and regulate your community.

BondMX revolutionises the member experience, enabling your organisation to concentrate on delivering exceptional value while driving impactful policy shifts in the Emergency Services sector.

The intricate nature of emergency services necessitates a highly secured platform that can effectively manage all aspects of member representation and support. Bond, with its extensive experience in this sector, has developed a profound understanding of the needs of such organisations. It’s not just about supporting your members, but also about assisting the diligent teams who work relentlessly to care for the people they represent. Trust Bond to serve as a reliable partner in this mission.

Comprehensive Membership and Customer Engagement Management (MCRM) – Bond offers an enterprise MCRM system that manages all aspects of member interactions and engagement to ensure supporting your members never falls between the cracks. It streamlines communication, tracks member activities, and provides insightful analytics to optimise your engagement strategies.

iOS + Android App – With Bond’s mobile applications, members can access resources, engage with the community, and manage their memberships on the go, enhancing accessibility and convenience. Push notifications ensure important alerts are never missed.

Optimal security with two-factor authentication – Bond prioritises security, providing two-factor authentication for both members and administrators. This ensures only authorised individuals have access to sensitive information, maintaining the integrity of your association. Extensive data auditing is in place to ensure highly sensitive data remains secure.

Business process automation – workflow management – Streamline operations with Bond’s business process automation tools reducing manual effort for routine tasks, and improving efficiency, allowing your team to focus on strategic initiatives.

Advanced digital customer engagement management – Bond facilitates multi-channel engagement via email, SMS, chat, and voice, providing personalised and timely communication to enhance the member experience and ensure members are able to connect when they really need to.

Case Management – Bond provides a comprehensive case management system that tracks all member interactions, ensuring each member query or request is efficiently resolved, fostering satisfaction and loyalty.

Bond Careers with CPD and career pathway tools – Bond Careers offers continuous professional development and career pathway tools, empowering members to advance their careers within the Emergency Services sector.

Event management – From planning to execution, Bond’s event management feature simplifies the process of organising successful events, encouraging member participation and engagement.

Comprehensive E-Commerce management and finance integration – Bond’s E-Commerce platform integrates with your finance systems, enabling seamless transactions, automated invoice generation, and accurate financial reporting.

Networking directories, special interest groups, forums – Bond fosters community by providing networking directories and platforms for special interest groups and forums, facilitating meaningful connections among members who need to share and impart knowledge.

Comprehensive resources with optimal search and the capability to publish videos, podcasts, magazines, policy, and assets – Bond offers a rich repository of resources, including videos, podcasts, magazines, and policy documents. Its advanced search feature ensures members can easily find the resources they need.


Key features