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At Bond, safeguarding your personal data is our primary concern. Our continued existence as a company hinges upon this commitment.

In the current digital landscape, where instances of significant data breaches are frequently making headlines, the urgency and importance of robust data security have never been more pronounced.

It is imperative for organisations to acknowledge that opting for a ‘cost-effective’ solution may provide savings in some areas. Still, compromise is not an option when it comes to data security. Those organisations that place a high value on data security will invariably choose to collaborate with us at Bond.

We understand the significance of protecting information systems’ confidentiality, integrity, availability, and accountability. To ensure this, we have established robust security frameworks for information management, focusing on compliance, multi-factor authentication, ongoing monitoring, and data recovery.

Compliance: Adherence to legislation, regulation, and relevant standards is crucial. We collaborate with specialists to ensure our information systems meet all these requirements. Our commitment to compliance is demonstrated through our adherence to ISO 27001 and SOC 2/3 standards.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA): MFA serves as an additional layer of security, ensuring users have access to a second form of authentication when logging into the Bond system. This could be in the form of SMS verification or an app-based authenticator like Google Authenticator or DUO, contributing to preventing unauthorised access.

Monitoring: We provide an application that monitors server activity, alerts senior staff of unusual activity, and records login metrics. A new database schema has been designed to ensure that the collected data is easily accessible from the server and that any new data sources are synchronised with Power BI.

Data recovery: We store daily and monthly database backup snapshots to minimise potential data loss. The backup process holds database snapshots of the last seven consecutive days and a year’s worth of monthly database snapshots.

Our latest innovation, Lyfly, gives customers control over their personal data and its interaction with multiple organisations. This allows individuals to maintain one central data profile for their personal information, which can interface with specific organisation applications. Having a “source of truth” for an individual’s portable data across multiple organisations reduces the risk of managing and protecting personal data spread over numerous databases.

We’re dedicated to keeping client data safe, secure, and confidential. We’ve implemented best-practice cybersecurity controls and continually educate our staff about the importance of cybersecurity and privacy. By taking these steps, we believe we can better serve our clients and uphold our commitment to personal data security.