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Software for the Justice and Law Sector

The Bond platform aims to be a comprehensive resource for any association or society centered around law. Given the extensive ongoing education that’s essential in the legal field, Bond is perfectly suited to handle all kinds of accreditations, certifications, and continuous learning requirements.

In terms of resource and asset management, Bond offers a sophisticated system with advanced search capabilities. This system allows for the publication of various formats like videos, podcasts, magazines, policy documents, and more.

The platform also features process automation capabilities. This means that tasks such as annual reviews and accreditations, which could otherwise be time-consuming and complex, can be easily managed through Bond.

Bond Careers is another feature that helps members plan their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and chart their career paths. It’s not just about individual advancement, either. Networking directories and special interest groups on the platform enable members to establish new connections, join groups, and expand their networks. Additionally, it provides added value through employment opportunities, mentorships, and more.

For law firms, Bond can function as a complete contact and case management solution. The case management module allows accounts to be managed in a highly secure environment with robust permission settings. This is particularly useful for firms with multiple locations, as it allows them to collaborate on files and manage documentation efficiently.


Not confined to associations or societies, Bond is an ideal tool for law firms operating at local, national, or even international levels. The platform is equipped with a suite of modules designed to enhance efficiency across diverse geographical locations.

Bond provides a comprehensive solution for national law firms with multiple offices by serving as an all-in-one contact and case management platform. The case management module is designed with high-level security measures and extensive permission settings to ensure the utmost protection of sensitive data and client information.

This functionality is crucial for firms operating across multiple locations, as it enables seamless collaboration regardless of geographical boundaries. Team members can access, share, and manage files in real-time, promoting synergy and reducing unnecessary delays in communication or decision-making processes.

Moreover, Bond’s efficient document management system allows for the centralisation of all critical documents. This eliminates the risk of misplacing essential files and ensures that every team member can easily access the necessary documentation when needed.

The platform also includes a robust search feature, enabling users to find specific cases, contacts or documents quickly, saving valuable time and improving productivity. Whether it’s locating a particular legal precedent or finding a contact detail, Bond makes the process straightforward and hassle-free.

Additionally, Bond’s process automation capabilities can streamline routine tasks such as scheduling, billing, and reporting. This automation not only minimizes the risk of human error but also allows law firms to allocate their resources more effectively, focusing on strategic tasks and client service.

In essence, Bond is designed to support the complex operational needs of national law firms, promoting efficiency, collaboration, and security across all their office locations.

Firms seeking innovative ways to monetise their IP and maximise team value can leverage Bond's Corporate Membership solution. This unique feature opens up new revenue streams while providing valuable services.

Corporate memberships are a common request from law firms, and Bond has the functionality to support this need effectively.

Traditional systems often struggle with managing subscriptions, particularly at the corporate level, but Bond is designed to handle this seamlessly.

Consider a scenario where a larger firm wants to offer smaller firms access to their resources as part of a subscription package. Case files can be shared among departments within the firm and collaborated on between external and internal teams. Bond’s robust permission and security management system ensures that all parties involved can work together securely and efficiently. The subscribing firm could buy hours, credits, or similar services, which are recorded and billed at a pre-negotiated rate per subscription.

Beyond case collaboration, Bond’s corporate membership features can also provide external parties access to a wealth of assets and resources the parent organisation offers. This could include training and education materials, data, additional resources, or even access to team members for consultation or advice.

This opens up new avenues for monetizing a firm’s intellectual properties and expanding its reach. By offering corporate memberships, firms can generate additional revenue while providing valuable services to smaller firms or external parties. It’s a win-win situation, made possible by Bond’s innovative platform.