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Security isn't just a feature, it's our commitment. With all data storage stored in Australia and a fortified security strategy, we exceed Australian compliance norms to safeguard your information.

Bond provides security frameworks for information management to maintain information systems’ security, confidentiality, integrity, availability, and accountability.

Bond has partnered with industry specialists Vanta, to ensure that our systems comply with legislation, regulation, and relevant standards and apply this to the technical solution design. 

The two leading certifications for this are SOC3 and ISO27001. These certifications ensure Bond is prepared for any enterprise customer giving them the confidence that our platform is secure.

Bond develops and implements business continuity frameworks to support organisations’ resilience to service disruptions. We identify potential threats and their impact on the business, develop plans and procedures to respond to an incident, and restore services. 

Bond’s latest innovation, Lyfly allows customers to manage their data and its interaction with multiple organisations. This gives individuals more control over their data privacy by allowing third-party applications to connect with their personal data only when explicitly permitted and holding the “source of truth” for an individual’s data that can interface with specific organisation applications. It also allows individuals to maintain one central data profile for their personal information that is portable to multiple organisations instead of managing, keeping up-to-date, and protecting their personal data spread over multiple organisations and databases.

Bond Software is committed to keeping client data safe, secure and confidential. Bond Software has implemented best-practice cybersecurity controls to ensure the integrity of our client’s data and prevent unauthorised access or loss of data. We educate our staff about the importance of cybersecurity and privacy by conducting workshops and seminars on this topic.

We proactively educate and inform our clients of necessary measures as they become apparent.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Bond’s Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) protects your staff and members by ensuring that users can access a second form of authentication when logging into the Bond system. This can be SMS verification or an app-based authenticator like Google Authenticator or DUO.


Bond will provide an application that monitors server activity, alerts senior staff of unusual activity and records login metrics. A new database schema will be designed for these new tables to ensure the data collected is easily accessible from the server and any new data sources that will be synchronised with Power BI.


Bond’s infrastructure adheres to both ISO 27001 and SOC2/3 compliance standards.

Data Recovery 

To mitigate the potential loss of data, Bond stores daily and monthly database backup snapshots to support data recovery. The backup process stores database snapshots of the last 7 consecutive days and a years’ worth of monthly database snapshots.

Continuity Management

Bond develops and implements business continuity frameworks to support organisations’ resilience to disruptions of service. We identify potential threats and their impact to the business and develop plans and procedures to respond to an incident and restore services. We partner with an organisation’s internal specialists, or with external experts appropriate to the threat and business context, with a focus on cyber-security.