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Community forms the heart of our platform, it's a space to empower your members through top-tier networking opportunities, accreditation programs, and a collaborative community environment.

Networking groups require a dedicated platform that can seamlessly handle every facet of a member’s journey, while also delivering a high-end experience at every interaction. It’s not uncommon for groups to juggle various systems like CRM, event management tools, and plugin-based websites, hoping they somehow work in unison. However, this approach often leads to duplicate data handling and inconsistent marketing efforts. Bond provides a unified solution, creating an ecosystem where all data is managed from a single location, ensuring efficiency and consistency across your entire organisation.


Welcome to Bond, a powerful platform for business network organisations.

Whether you’re part of an association, a specialist industry group, club, networking group, or a business leadership team, Bond is designed to not only manage your membership offer a sophisticated member experience platform to ensure your members enjoy a premium experience to get the true value from their subscription.

Bond offers a wide array of tools aimed at bolstering networking, promoting collaboration, and nurturing leadership in your organisation. With Bond, managing individual or corporate memberships, engaging members, and facilitating continuous professional development becomes seamless.

Associations: For associations, Bond offers a comprehensive membership management system. This enables the tracking and management of member information, fostering effective communication and collaboration. It’s a tool that simplifies administration, allowing you to focus on what matters: serving your association’s members and objectives.

Specialist Industry Groups: Bond understands the unique needs of specialist industry groups. Our platform provides tools for continuous professional development and career pathway planning, empowering individuals within your industry. Additionally, our advanced digital customer engagement management system ensures smooth interactions across various channels, enhancing the experience of your industry group members.

Clubs: Bond is an excellent choice for clubs, providing a range of networking directories, special interest groups, and forums. These platforms encourage knowledge sharing, community building, and a sense of belonging among club members. Plus, our event management feature simplifies organising and managing club events.

The Bond Digital Membership is the perfect solution to manage real-time memberships, access control, digital wallets, real-time chat, scheduling tools as well as marketplaces and comprehensive profile management. This also includes push notification broadcasting is the best way to directly communicate with your members.

Networking Groups: For networking groups, Bond provides various tools designed to foster connections and collaborative growth. Our user-friendly platform makes it easy to share resources, engage in discussions, and build strong professional relationships.

Business Leadership Teams: Bond supports business leadership teams by offering a suite of tools for business process automation and workflow management. This leads to increased efficiency and productivity, allowing leadership teams to lead with confidence and effectiveness.

In every sector, Bond aims to add value by addressing the specific challenges and requirements of each group. We’re more than just a platform; we’re your partner in driving your organisation’s and its members’ growth and success. Trust in Bond to support and enhance your community-building efforts.

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