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Bond's event management module seamlessly integrates with leading technologies and software to manage your events, pricing, invoicing, promotion, and registrations effectively.

Events are a key part of our client’s communities, serving various purposes, from networking and advocacy to continuous professional development.

Our powerful events module is more than just a tool; it’s a complete system designed to manage all event-related activities within your community, whether a small gathering or a large conference.

Leading event management features include:

  • Single-click event registration: Register for events swiftly with just a click.
  • Course, program, and event management tools: Manage all aspects of your events, courses, and programs efficiently.
  • Digital check-in and logging: Check in attendees digitally and log their attendance into their member profiles.
  • Live streaming and multilingual content: Reach a wider audience with live streaming capabilities and multilingual content translation.
  • Timetable scheduling and speaker management: Schedule events and manage speakers seamlessly.
  • Complex ticket pricing management: Handle complex ticket pricing scenarios with ease.
  • Automated event marketing and campaigning: Promote your events effectively with automated marketing and campaigning tools.
  • Automated feedback collection: Gather feedback effortlessly post-event with automated collection methods.
  • In-event purchase management: Manage purchases made during the event efficiently.
  • Point of sale integration: Integrate with your POS system for streamlined transactions.

With Bond’s integrated event management system, organising and managing events becomes a hassle-free experience. Capitalise on our advanced features to deliver memorable events, engage your community, and elevate your event management.