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Software for Local Government, Councils, State, and Federal entities

We believe that in this digital age, connectivity is not a luxury, but an absolute necessity. Bond is the ideal digital platform for communities across various sectors, including Local Government, Councils, State, and Federal entities.

Bond is committed to fostering growth and enhancing support services across all levels of governance, our platform is designed to empower these organisations to deliver improved, fairer, and more accessible services. Bond is designed to transform your community’s experience, ushering in a new era of digital engagement and progress.

As a community platform, Bond focuses on seamless interactions, enabling your departments to concentrate on fostering a thriving community. We empower you to place your energies on initiatives that truly matter, while we handle the complexities of member management and engagement.

With Bond, your community’s experience will evolve, paving the way for your team to focus on delivering superior, fairer, and more accessible services. Whether it’s local government, councils, or state or federal sectors, Bond is designed to meet your unique needs and elevate your community’s digital journey. Trust in Bond, your reliable partner in community progression.

Bond is an exceptional solution for all levels of public sector management, offering a platform that goes far beyond simply providing services.

Bond offers a comprehensive range of digital services for any public service organisation or government body. Bond MX, our sophisticated community platform, is packed with an array of products, services, educational content, and management features.

As a secure platform, Bond MX provides users with a modern portal to manage contact details, submit forms, request information, browse through services and events, and even make purchases from a marketplace.

With the Bond Case Management system, handling enquiries, complaints, and issues becomes a streamlined process. This ensures all member concerns are addressed efficiently and effectively.

Embracing modern digital customer engagement tools, Bond MX enables members to interact with various departments using conversational bots similar to Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or iMessage. These familiar platforms make interactions more transparent, trackable, and auditable.

Moreover, Bond MX encourages public participation in education modules. Members can complete micro-certifications, accreditations, and certifications to advance their careers, upskill in vital areas like first-aid, or simply engage in leisure learning.

The robust community feature of Bond MX allows members to find and join groups that align with their interests. This fosters connection, learning, and individual growth within your community. Trust Bond MX to support your local government in delivering top-tier services to its members.