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Bond is more than just a platform; it's a catalyst for cultivating authentic communities, fostering engagement, and inspiring your members to help expand your network.

We believe in the power of connection, and our platform is designed to facilitate this in every possible way.

Our Membership Experience (MX) platform isn’t just about communication – it’s about building stronger relationships within your organisation. By enhancing the sense of community, we aim to stimulate growth among your members and within your entire network of staff, enthusiasts, and anyone passionate about your sector.

Bond provides users with powerful tools to create profiles and share articles, videos, resources, and other materials that reflect their passion for the sector. Members can follow leaders, advocates or peers, engage in meaningful discussions, and share their journeys. Furthermore, these profiles can be a portfolio, making them noticeable to potential employers.

Key features of the Bond MX platform include:

  • Open forums┬áprovide a space for open communication and collaboration, sparking meaningful discussions and knowledge sharing.
  • Community-generated content: This feature allows members to contribute content (which can be moderated), promoting greater connectivity and enhancing the value of memberships via active communities.
  • Closed community groups or forums: For discussions requiring more privacy, we offer secure spaces where assets and resources can be shared without concern.
  • Member directories: Members can find others with similar interests, fostering new connections and collaborations.
  • Chat and discussion thread functionality: Including direct messaging, allowing for real-time conversations and immediate responses.
  • Collaboration groups: These tools and resources merge knowledge, practice, and progress in one place, enabling members to work together towards common goals.

Bond helps transform your organisation into a thriving, interactive community where everyone involved can connect, communicate, collaborate, and grow.