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Software for the Heavy Industries + Mining Companies

Protecting your workers on and offsite leveraging a truly integrated platform to offer best practice in safety, induction, education and compliance.

Designed to foster engagement and ensure safety, Bond is the perfect solution for Trade Associations, Unions, and major project site management. Our platform is equipped to handle compliance matters and intranet requirements efficiently. With Bond, you gain real-time updates on induction and compliance, along with the ability to manage critical documentation securely.

We understand the importance of member protection and community investment. That’s why Bond offers secure access capabilities that safeguard your members while empowering you to contribute meaningfully to the communities you serve. Trust in Bond to be your partner in creating a safe, efficient, and invested community environment.

Indeed, the dynamic nature of work and mining sites presents numerous potential hazards. Effective training and people management are key to safeguarding your members and workers.

Bond offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to assist businesses and organisations in managing their workforce, facilitating their training, and ultimately, ensuring their safety.

Comprehensive membership and customer engagement management (MCRM): Bond’s MCRM system not only manages member information efficiently but also fosters effective communication among members, essential for smooth operations and collaboration. With the comprehensive data captured on all members, corporations can access meaningful insights into member activity, levels of education and if they are meeting compliance standards.

iOS and Android app: With Bond’s mobile applications, services are within reach of all users, regardless of location or time. This provides unprecedented flexibility and convenience, especially in industries where on-the-go access is crucial. This can include instant access to guides or documentation while on-site. The digital identification card can demonstrate position, training accreditations, and licences to operate heavy vehicles and machinery,  therefore everyone onsite can quickly and easily demonstrate they are up to date with their training, accreditations and certifications in real-time.

Optimal security with two-factor authentication: Prioritising user security, Bond employs a two-factor authentication system, which adds an extra layer of protection to sensitive user information, ensuring it stays secure from unauthorised access.

Bond careers with CPD and career pathway tools: Bond offers tools that guide individuals through their professional journey, providing resources for continuous professional development and career planning. This aids in personal growth and helps employees achieve their career goals within the industry.

<id=”ohs”>OH&S induction dashboards: Bond’s health and safety induction dashboards are easy to use and understand. They provide vital information about workplace safety protocols and procedures, a must-have in industries where safety is paramount.

Networking directories, special interest groups, and forums: Bond provides various platforms for networking and collaboration, such as directories, special interest groups, and forums. These platforms encourage knowledge sharing and community building, fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment.

Business process automation – workflow management: Bond’s automation features can streamline business processes and manage workflows effectively. This efficiency can lead to significant time savings and increased productivity, both critical in fast-paced industries.

Advanced digital customer engagement management: Bond’s customer engagement management tools take care of interactions across different digital channels like email, SMS, chat, and voice. If your members need to interact with your organisation, Bond provides instant and direct mechanisms for them to do so. Rather than complex forms to fill out, they can log in to the app and start a conversation with the department best suited to providing support.

Case management for all member interactions: Bond’s case management feature ensures that all member interactions, including queries, concerns, and feedback, are tracked and managed effectively. This ensures that no issue goes unresolved, leading to higher member satisfaction. Issue management and reporting, OH&S, membership, industrial relations, welfare, and any number of departments can help support members while being heavily permission-based with security and member welfare at the forefront.

Comprehensive e-commerce management and financial integration: Bond’s e-commerce management and financial integration capabilities handle online transactions and financial operations efficiently. This makes managing finances and transactions a straightforward process, reducing the chance of errors and discrepancies.

Comprehensive resources with optimal search: Bond provides a wide range of easily searchable resources, including videos, podcasts, magazines, policy documents, and assets. This vast library of resources provides valuable information at your fingertips, aiding in learning and decision-making.

Comprehensive website and microsite management: Bond’s website and microsite management tools allow users to maintain and update their online presence effectively. These tools make it easy to share information, communicate updates, and engage with the online community. Microsites can be advantageous to manage specific mine sites with relevant information and updates specific to the site, project or geographical location.


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