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At Bond, we understand the inherent human desire for growth - to learn, develop, and broaden our horizons to enhance our personal and professional lives.

We recognise that micro-credentials and accreditations are shaping the future of higher education, and we strive to help our clients stay ahead by providing a seamless accreditation experience.

Our Bond Careers and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) module offers intuitive, user-friendly, and flexible tools for your members, stakeholders, or community contacts.

The features of Bond Career and CPD are crucial for fostering continuous growth, education, and development within your organisation and community. We support your members in their pursuit of knowledge, whether it’s acquiring new skills, improving qualifications, gaining accreditations, or undertaking professional development activities for membership eligibility or role advancement.

The innovative Bond career pathway tool empowers members to chart their career progression, selecting key areas for skill enhancement by completing recommended modules to achieve their objectives.

We seamlessly integrate with leading Learning Management Systems (LMS) embedded within your member portal. This avoids the need to direct your members to a third-party system that might be substandard or outdated. The Bond CPD is a directly integrated module within the Bond ecosystem, eliminating the need for working with another third-party provider.

Our Careers CPD module is designed to offer the highest level of user experience and accessibility. Members can intuitively map out their Career Action Plans and effortlessly complete the necessary modules to reach their career goals, accreditation, or qualification.

Career modules can be provided to members, stakeholders, or the general community in various ways. This ensures that anyone affiliated with your association, club, business, government department, or union has access to the tools they need to succeed.

Bond Career provides an all-in-one solution for your educational and professional development needs. It offers an array of features built to streamline your learning journey, enhance your skill set, and keep track of your progress. Here are some of the key features that Bond Career brings to the table:

  • Integrated platform: Bond Career can live on a dedicated subdomain of your membership platform (, ensuring seamless integration and easy access, or provided as part of your BondMX.
  • Custom pricing management: We offer custom price-point management for different user categories – members, non-members, stakeholders, or external consumers.
  • Permission-based access: Depending on your requirements, Bond Career modules can be made consumer-facing, part of your community platform, or restricted to a specific area in your member portal.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO): Our API provides Single Sign-On functionality for smooth integration between the selected LMS and our MCRM and BondMX. The member enjoys a completely seamless experience.
  • Continued professional development (CPD) management: Our platform has customisable member dashboards for managing your CPD.
  • Instant certification: Upon meeting course requirements, users receive instant certificates for accreditations. We also offer badging and micro-credentials to mark the completion of new skills.
  • Profile management: Users can manage their profiles via Bond Career or the Bond app, keeping track of their learning history and CPD points with your organisation.
  • Secure correspondence: Bond Career allows you to send and record correspondence for secure record-keeping.
  • Multi-tiered permissions: Our platform has a multi-tiered permission structure to ensure data access is only granted to those who should have it.
  • Process automation module: Leverage the Bond process automation module to create simple or complex assessments.
  • Clear audit trail: Maintain a clear audit trail for accountability and transparency.

With Bond Career, you have the tools to manage your career progression effectively and efficiently, marking milestones along the way and reaching your professional goals.