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In the realm of corporate memberships, Bond Software stands a class apart. Unlike many membership management systems, Bond excels in managing corporate memberships, a complex product that requires a sophisticated approach.

In today’s competitive business landscape, corporations are continually exploring novel ways to monetise their intellectual property. Offering a corporate membership can be a strategic move for large businesses to extend their reach to smaller businesses within the same sector.

For instance, mining companies may hold a membership with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), union, or association that facilitates accreditations or certifications. In this model, the corporate client holds the membership and covers the cost for their team members to access the products, services, training, and events offered by the other organisation.

One significant advantage in heavy industries is real-time membership/ID cards. These digital cards can display a team member’s credentials in real-time, indicating their access level to specific areas of a worksite or their certification to operate certain machinery. As this information is driven from a single source of data, it ensures high security and accuracy to put a continued focus on the safety and well-being of team members.

In another scenario, a multinational law firm might offer smaller firms access to their extensive internal resources through a membership model. This arrangement allows smaller firms to leverage the larger firm’s resources when they need additional support.

Similarly, a hospital might purchase a corporate membership for access to a BondMX platform built for a union or similar entity. Through this platform, all doctors and nurses from the hospital can create profiles, engage in communities, complete education or micro-credentialing, attend events, and manage their professional development as well as access all the other features BondMX offers.

In essence, Bond Software’s expertise in managing corporate memberships allows organisations to foster symbiotic relationships, expand their reach, and unlock new revenue streams. Whether it’s facilitating access to valuable resources, managing real-time ID cards, or offering platforms for professional development, Bond empowers organisations to maximise the potential of corporate memberships.