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Unleash the power of resource management with Bond's content libraries.

Managing resources and assets effectively is crucial for any organisation. With Bond’s content and document management libraries, your members and staff can easily access the resources that interest them. Our system allows multimedia content to be stored, published, and dynamically shared based on user interests and reading habits.

Explore our resource and asset management features and discover how to create, curate, and present meaningful resources, assets, and articles to your community. Bond’s Resource Library can function as your organisation’s intranet, member portal, and publication house. Thanks to our powerful segmentation, resources can be targeted to community members with a specific interest in the subject matter.

Resource and Asset Management Features Include:

  • Superior search functionality: Navigate through resources quickly and efficiently leveraging advanced tagging and categorisation.
  • Comprehensive multimedia resource library: Publish various content types, including videos, podcasts, digital assets, and magazines.
  • Follow topics or authors: Members can follow topics or authors across the platform and receive notifications when new content is available.
  • Advanced machine learning: Leverage machine learning to accurately tag resources, assets, and documents.
  • Optical character recognition (OCR): Convert paper-based or PDF resources into searchable and accessible digital assets enabling deep-text search.

With Bond’s content and document management libraries, you can transform how your organisation manages and shares resources. Experience the ease of superior search functionality, the diversity of a comprehensive multimedia resource library, and the convenience of advanced machine learning and OCR capabilities. Let Bond help you unlock the full potential of your resource and asset management.