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At its core, Bond is a data aggregator. We amass and secure data from every corner of your organisation, empowering you with the insights to strategise and expand.

Data management

Bond develops and implements data management plans, policies, and practices that manage and optimise the value of data assets. We develop taxonomies for data, metadata, and align this to the business understanding. We support the classification, storage, security, quality, sharing, availability, retrieval, retention and publishing and managing data and information in all its forms, ensuring data is archived appropriately in line with legislation or policy. 

Database design

Bond specifies, designs and maintains databases that store and enable appropriate access and sharing of data. We design operational databases for on-premise or cloud, and operational data stores to integrate data from multiple sources to support data pipelines and enable additional operations on the data. Bond specialises in integrations with, or migration from legacy databases.

Business intelligence

Bond develops the way business information is leveraged to provide insights and aid decision-making. We understand an organisation’s business needs and objectives and use this to identify relevant datasets for analysis, and communicate this to stakeholders to provide comparative analysis, trend analysis, benchmarking, and other insights relevant to an organisation’s strategic objectives. Bond develops once-off data analytics insights reports for custom projects, as well as ongoing reporting through dashboarding.