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Connecting Members with Providers – Bond MCRM’s Marketplace is more than just a service provider directory.

It’s a community-building platform that matches your organisation and members with vetted providers, supporting independent contractors and local businesses and creating a network of services customised to your members’ needs.

We prioritise the security and trust of your members. Our marketplace allows members to view providers who have passed stringent quality and security checks. This ensures that members can make informed choices about providers based on their profiles, which include details such as price, booking methods, hours of operation, and specific services offered.

For members in sensitive professions, we provide assurance through a customised vetting process that avoids potential conflicts of interest. This ensures all providers are trustworthy, reliable, and appropriate for your community’s interests.

Providers can be contractors, businesses, or members wishing to advertise their services directly to their community. Bond offers a procurement module for organisations with complex or large-scale purchasing needs. This allows multiple members to form a panel to review, assess, and document decisions, ensuring the successful vendor is chosen transparently and fairly.

Leading Features Include:

  • B2B and B2M Marketplace: Facilitate business-to-business and business-to-member transactions seamlessly.
  • Membership Discounts and Bulk Rates: Offer special rates for members to encourage engagement.
  • Shared Procurement: Increase purchasing power by pooling resources for shared procurement.
  • Geolocation Filters: Find services based on member location for maximum convenience.
  • Flexible Search and Custom Listings: Navigate the marketplace easily with flexible search options and customisable listings.
  • Authenticated Reviews: Trust in validated reviews from other members.
  • Billing Options: Choose direct billing through the provider or BondMX member billing for added convenience.

With Bond MCRM’s Marketplace, your members can find the services they need from trustworthy providers, all within a community-focused platform. Experience a marketplace designed with your organisation and members in mind.