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Bond collaborates with organisations to set up decision-making frameworks, manage relationships with stakeholders, and clarify roles within a business's accountability structure. These frameworks can be applied to specific programs or integrated across an organisation, establishing a system for making decisions.

Establishing strong governance and quality management frameworks, Bond assists in defining decision-making structures, managing stakeholder relationships, and delineating roles within the accountability hierarchy.

Our approach can be tailored to specific programs or integrated across a business, creating a system of rules and practices that guide organisational decision-making. Furthermore, we integrate measurement and evaluation frameworks to monitor activities according to governance objectives and support risk management efforts.

We define and operate a framework for quality management that aligns with your organisation’s quality objectives. We provide counsel on applying quality management techniques to digital and data infrastructure and help instil a quality management culture to ensure compliance with relevant standards and policies. With Bond, you’re not just enhancing your governance and quality management – you’re fortifying your organisation’s foundation for success.


Bond works with organisations to define decision-making frameworks, manage stakeholder relationships, and identify the roles and responsibilities within the accountability structure of a business. Frameworks may be designed and applied to specific programs or integrated across a business to define a system of rules, practices, and processes by which an organisation makes decisions. Measurement and evaluation frameworks can be integrated to monitor an organisation’s activities according to stakeholder and organisational governance objectives. Bond also supports risk management activities such as identifying, classifying and prioritising risks and planning for organisational approaches to communicate and report on mitigation actions. 

Quality Management

Bond supports quality management by defining and operating a management framework of processes and working practices to deliver the organisation’s quality objectives. We provide advice on applying appropriate quality management techniques for the digital and data infrastructure for organisations and establishing principles of quality management in the business culture to achieve and maintain compliance with relevant standards and policies.