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Bond delivers digital information management, providing secure, compatible business solutions. We're passionate about emerging technologies, harnessing their potential to bolster your organisation's growth.

Information Systems management

Bond offers full life cycle management for digital information and records. We support organisations with information governance, the design of information architectures, structures, and taxonomies, and implementing systems of cataloging, metadata, indexing, and classification standards to align data and information with business processes and services.

Enterprise and business solution architecture

Bond advises and implements software solutions within all technical environments, including changes to services, processes, organisation, and operating models as well as technology. We ensure existing and planned solution components are compatible with relevant architectures, strategies, policies, standards, and practices, with a high priority placed on requirements for security, privacy, and testing of solutions. 

We develop implementation roadmaps for solution implementation including managing requests for changes and deviations from specifications.

Emerging Technology Monitoring

Bond monitors the technology landscape and identification of new and emerging communication technologies and products, services, and methods. We provide trend presentations and assess relevant technologies to a service and their potential value as an enabler to organisations.