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In the realm of technology, it's often what lies beneath the surface that defines the difference between an ordinary system, and a truly great one. The intricacies of a tech-stack often go unnoticed, yet they play a pivotal role in determining its effectiveness.

Bond’s technology service management is specifically designed to align with your organisational objectives.

Our approach involves more than providing and implementing IT infrastructure, applications, and integrations – we structure them to support your business outcomes directly. With Bond, we aim to meet your technical requirements and strategically direct them towards fostering your success.

Technology service management

Bond manages the provision of technology solution services to meet defined organisational objectives and needs. We provide and implement IT infrastructure, enterprise and custom applications, and internal and external services integrations. We develop and implement continual service improvement plans to ensure the technology services adequately support business outcomes. 

Storage management

Bond plans, implements, and optimises the platforms and processes used for data storage. We manage local or external storage such as direct access storage (DAS), network access storage (NAS), storage area networks (SAN) and cloud-based storage. We offer solutions for the backup, archiving and recovery of data that comply with the specific organisation’s regulatory and security requirements and address targets for data recovery point and recovery time objectives.

Capacity management

Bond ensures technology system components have the capacity and performance to meet current and future business needs across software, network resources and software/infrastructure as a service. We design and manage service components’ capability, performance, functionality, and sustainability and deploy techniques to control the demand and adjust capacity in a cost-effective, timely manner to scale to changing demand.

Application support

Bond manages technical services and applications through three tiers of technical support to defined service levels depending on the organisation’s needs for internal stakeholders and system end users. We have a service desk and active development team to log, triage, resolve and respond to issues, and maintain software to keep systems performing as required. We also provide user training and performance monitoring and can offer enhanced support following the immediate deployment of a new technical solution into a Production environment.