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Member experience stands at the heart of the Bond MX platform. We build memorable member experiences, it's baked into our DNA. We're not just a MCRM provider, we're a team of product developers that believe that an exceptional member experience is the cornerstone of sustained success.

We believe that every interaction shapes a member’s perception and influences their decision to stay engaged. A superior member experience fosters loyalty, fuels satisfaction, and ultimately drives growth.

By prioritising user-friendly interfaces, personalised features, and seamless navigation, we ensure that every touchpoint within the Bond MX platform is a positive engagement. Our aim is not just to meet, but to exceed member expectations, reinforcing the value of their investment in Bond.

While other platforms may concentrate solely on data and membership management, at Bond we’re obsessive about the member journey and their overall experience.

We boast our own in-house team of seasoned front-end designers and developers. This eliminates the need to engage an external agency for designing your website, apps, microsites, or other digital assets. Our design team can make up part of your digital transformation journey, encompassing both creative strategy and execution.

User research

Bond identifies the behaviours, needs and motivations of users and potential users of a product, service or application using design research methods. We use observation and open interview and focus group techniques to understand what an organisation’s users and stakeholders need and apply this research to the iterative design process for continuous improvement or strategic recommendations. Bond partners with our clients to embed respectful research methods that are led and informed by culturally safe practices. 

UI/UX design

Bond designs concepts, prototypes and high-fidelity design systems for user interactions (UI) and experiences (UX) of a product, application or service. We identify design goals, usability and accessibility requirements and employ an iterative design process to meet user expectations and increase satisfaction by improving usability and accessibility. We work with organisations to ensure their brand, values and voice are represented in all user touchpoints, and that brand guidelines are appropriately translated into digital assets. Bond sees user-centred design as a continual process that embeds user evaluation and testing within the UX/UI life cycle.

Product Management

Bond manages and develops products or services through their full life cycle from inception, growth, and maturity, to retirement for internal and external products of an organisation. We develop and implement product management principles and appropriate product development models appropriate to the business model and growth objectives and identify how existing products can adapt to new needs, markets and product variants for different user segments. We work with the product team to prioritise product and service requirements, and develop product roadmaps, manage the product backlog, and coordinate customer testing, product launch and support communications.