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Effective managing your customer journey and sales pipeline is paramount to success in the evolving business environment, including membership-based organisations.

It’s about nurturing enduring relationships with customers and steering them through their journey with your organisation. Bond offers an excellent solution for customer journey management, enabling businesses and organisations to optimise their processes and enhance customer experiences while driving revenue growth.

While Bond is primarily an MCRM platform focused on managing membership data, among other functionalities, it can function additionally as a CRM. Even though sales pipeline management may not be its primary focus, Bond has all the tools and capabilities to manage sales forecasting.

Bond can manage any type of contact in the MCRM. Anyone can be stored in the system as a contact, whether it’s a prospect, a lead, a supplier, or a speaker at an event. For tracking sales leads, they are categorised as a ‘lead’ and can have additional data associated with them. These leads can have interactions saved against them, much like in a conventional CRM. All the necessary tools exist within Bond, making it a hybrid sales and membership management solution.

This dual functionality is one of the reasons why we strongly recommend organisations consider a platform like ours rather than a traditional CRM. Not only does it provide all the benefits of a CRM, but it also offers additional features tailored for membership management.

As for Customer Journey Management, understanding your customer’s journey is crucial for delivering personalised experiences and building customer loyalty. Bond’s customer journey management feature enables you to map out each touchpoint in your customer’s lifecycle—from awareness and consideration to purchase and advocacy.

Bond allows for tracking customer interactions across multiple channels, gathering insights into customer behaviour, and personalising your marketing and sales efforts based on these insights. This enhances customer engagement and increases conversion likelihood. Furthermore, Bond enables the automation of certain tasks in the customer journey, such as sending emails or notifications, freeing up your team’s time for strategic initiatives.

In essence, Bond provides a comprehensive approach to customer journey management. By leveraging Bond’s platform, businesses can optimise their marketing processes, deliver superior customer experiences, and achieve revenue goals.