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Organising community events can be a complex task, but not with Bond Software.

Our advanced scheduling features streamline the process, allowing members to easily view availability, book facilities and resources, and invite others to their events.

Whether you need a meeting room for a business presentation, a gymnasium for a sports event, or a banquet hall for a special celebration, Bond’s Scheduler removes the hassle of securing your space and offers a seamless booking experience.

Explore our range of features:

  • Scheduling Module: Stay organised with our intuitive scheduling tool.
  • Flexible Booking System: Book facilities and resources at your convenience.
  • Marketplace of Event Services: Browse through a wide range of services to elevate your event.
  • Calendar Integrations: Sync your bookings with your calendar for seamless scheduling.
  • Customised T&Cs: Ensure peace of mind with clear terms and conditions for each booking.

Our MCRM platform’s scheduling features allow you to offer available facilities without the headaches of managing multiple systems. Members get an efficient way to schedule their events, coordinate people and places, and arrange the services they need.

Leading features include:

  • Vetted access: Vetted members can book facilities and invite others, including non-members.
  • Permission-based viewing: Access to specific facilities is based on membership tiers.
  • Availability listing: View the availability of meeting rooms and other facilities easily.
  • Calendar integration: Manage invites for external participants right from your calendar.
  • Holiday home rental: Plan the perfect getaway with holiday home booking options.
  • Catering and cleaning: Arrange catering and cleaning services through trusted providers.
  • Resource bookings: Need a projector or whiteboard? Book resources effortlessly.
  • Direct billing: Deposits, final payments, and cancellations are billed directly to members’ accounts.
  • T&Cs agreement: Each facility has its own T&Cs to be agreed upon before finalising the booking.

With Bond Software, organising community events has never been easier or more efficient. Enjoy a hassle-free experience and focus on what truly matters – creating memorable events for your community.